Knights Builders Oxford Services: Loft Conversions, Home Extensions, New Builders

Structural Designs and Calculation

Our company offers top-notch Structural Design services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team comprises highly qualified engineers with a wealth of experience fully equipped to cater to all your structural design needs.

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Architectural design and planning permission

The importance of structural designs in obtaining planning permission for any project cannot be overstated. Our software, designed with user-friendliness in mind, is specifically tailored to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the approval process for your project, resulting in convenience and expedited procedures.

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Best Loft Conversion in Oxford

Embarking on a loft conversion is like stepping into an exhilarating home improvement adventure. It’s a journey that unlocks many benefits, igniting your excitement. Just imagine the endless possibilities that await – not only will you expand the boundaries of your living space, but you’ll also discover the enchanted path to increasing the value and allure of your beloved property.

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House Extensions

House extensions have become increasingly popular as more and more homeowners are looking to expand their living space. Whether it be adding extra bedrooms or expanding the kitchen and dining area, house extensions offer an ideal solution for obtaining the additional room needed.

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New Builds

The city of Oxford, known for its historical grandeur and architectural marvels, is experiencing a transformative shift in its construction narrative. A new wave of builders has emerged, reshaping the skyline with their innovative approaches and avant-garde techniques.

These new builders in Oxford are not merely constructing buildings; they’re sculpting narratives. They’re revolutionising the architectural landscape with a fusion of contemporary design principles and sustainable methodologies. From integrating eco-friendly materials to embracing minimalist aesthetics, their work reflects a paradigm shift in construction ideologies.

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House refurbishments offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to undertaking a full-scale renovation. This approach allows homeowners to enhance their living spaces without the inconvenience and excessive expenses of extensive remodeling. Whether you aspire to achieve a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, increase available room, or optimize the functionality of your residence, refurbishments offer an ideal solution to meet your needs.

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