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Structural Engineering Design and Calculation

We were established in 2014 to offer real value to our customers. Our extensive experience enables us to design well-detailed and efficient structures at all scales and typologies. We approach each project as a collaborative effort, working closely with our design-to-completion teams to help achieve our client’s vision.

Our team focuses on low-carbon, sustainable design. We will actively propose ways to reduce environmental impact, and we will undertake a carbon metering exercise to justify our approach.

Knights Builder is renowned for creative thinking and developing cost-effective and convenient solutions without compromising quality.

Structural engineering design and calculation is a critical area of engineering that involves the development of designs and calculations to ensure the structural integrity of a building or other structure.

Structural engineering design and calculation are critical components of any construction project. It is the responsibility of the structural engineer to ensure that the structure is safe and meets the necessary regulations. With their knowledge and experience, structural engineers can be trusted to develop safe and efficient designs that meet the needs of their clients.

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